Site Finding and Development Service

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Know the outcome you are looking for? M-Plan helps you find the property you need to make it happen.

Finding the right site, and getting approval for its development can be two completely different things. Buying the wrong site can be a financial disaster!

Planning controls, Council attitudes and regulations affect the development potential of your site and the economics don’t always support a long-drawn out planning approval process. M-Plan’s detailed consultative process, and current knowledge of local issues ensures that you won’t be caught out.

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Speed Up the Approval Process By Consulting M-Plan First!

Our process saves you time and money, and frees you up to focus on other things.

  1. Tell us what you want to do with the site and what your budget, timing, and profit constraints are;
  2. We find sites that fit your criteria;
  3. We prepare submissions for Council and VCAT and represent your interests;
  4. Your submission is approved and you are free to realise your investment.

Don’t risk costly rejection or delay - Contact M-Plan today to get
an Express Planning Report professionally prepared and submitted.

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