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Your Site Planning Application

Your Council receives hundreds of planning applications year - and they only have a limited number of staff hours. If your application is incomplete or confusing it is moved out of the main processing system and sidelined while more information is requested. This is NOT good for your site development project!

It costs you money, it causes delays, and increases your risk.

If you were expecting Council approval, but your site planning application is referred to VCAT, you have to start all over again - defending your plans and presenting your rationale.

Working with M-Plan we make sure that everything is clearly documented from the start, and defend the application on your behalf, leaving you free to keep working on other aspects of the project.

When M-Plan Submits A Planning Application

  1. We work to ensure that your documentation is complete first time - saving costly delays while the Council waits for more information;
  2. We ensure that we have carefully referenced all the relevant statutory regulations - this makes it easier for Council or Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) to process your application;
  3. We have a detailed process that ensures our presentation is clear, concise and complete.

It doesn’t guarantee that your planning application will be accepted, but it increases your chances.

Who Is Patrick Cauchi and Why Is He Different?

Patrick believes that appropriate development benefits property owners, local communities, and the city of Melbourne as a wider entity. Therefore, he is committed to creating win-win solutions for all parties, not just to doing a job and collecting the money. His team at M-Plan has the same goal.

“A really successful development creates profit for the owners and developers, increases the comfort and convenience of the local community, and helps Melbourne retain its character and liveability.”

When I look at a property, that’s the outcome I’m trying to achieve for all the stakeholders. Whether you already have a site and want to maximise its value, or have a development concept and are looking for the perfect site to build on, I can help you reduce the risk involved and avoid costly delays. Often, I can also help you find creative ways to add even greater value to your property development.

Planning Application delays are one of the greatest reasons of cost over-runs in site development projects. The faster you can move from site purchase to completion, the sooner you can recoup your investment. My extensive experience working with Local Councils and the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) means that I know what they are looking for in your application.

With over 14 years experience working for Councils and the development industry throughout Melbourne and rural Victoria. I have been closely involved in the complex planning issues surrounding bushfire approvals, coastal development, and suburban and metropolitan developments and understand the issues and regulations surrounding residential, townhouse, industrial, commercial planning applications and subdivision of property.

In some cases, I have challenged the accepted interpretation and won approval because of my in-depth knowledge of statutory regulations and clear presentation of the facts. This has saved my clients thousands of dollars in wasted time. I will tell you up-front what you can and can’t do - I’ll also help you push the envelope and find innovative solutions that help you maximise the value of your site and reduce the risk of rejection.

All of this means that your planning application is dealt with as quickly and smoothly as possible and my clients come back to me for their next planning application.

If you need a Planning Consultant who will put your interests first, and help you navigate every step of the planning process,

M-Plan - Planning Consultants You Can Trust!

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