An Independent Town Planning Consultant Ensures That YOU Get The Best Possible Outcome For Your Planning Application

Minimise Costly Delays
Reduce Risk of Rejection
Maximise the Value of Your Property Assets

Melbourne Councils receive a large number of Town Planning Applications every week, and they have limited time to process them. If your planning application is presented clearly and concisely, and if it is complete in every detail then it moves through the process faster.

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At M-Plan:

  • Every site has an optimised planning solution;
  • Every relevant detail is included in your initial planning submission;
  • Every effort is made to get timely approval.

An Independent Planning Consultant works for your interests, is paid by you, and has a stake in your outcome. A Council Town Planning Consultant doesn’t have the same commitment to your interests and may choose alternatives that are less favourable for you.

No matter how carefully your planning and reports are prepared, some planning applications have to go to Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). At M-Plan we can follow that process all the way through for you, keeping your planning application moving, and giving you the greatest likelihood of a positive outcome.

We Guarantee:

  • Deadlines - We know the importance of timing, and we do everything it takes to meet deadlines;
  • Quality - All our reports are back by detailed research and professionally presented;
  • Solutions - Our solutions are creatively designed to optimise site profitability, minimise risk, and reduce delays.

We DO NOT guarantee that your planning application will be approved, but we are confident that it should be, and will advise you of any required changes.

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  • We Offer An Express Planning Report Service!


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