Independent Town Planning Services Melbourne

We ensure you get the best outcome from your planning application.

Specialising in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Developments, M-Plan Town Planning Consultants work with you with a committed and dedicated stake in your outcome.

Minimise costly delays
Reduce the risk of rejection
Maximise the value of your property assets

Councils receive a large volume of town planning applications every week with limited time to process each application. M-Plan Town Planning ensures your planning application is presented correctly, clearly, and concisely allowing your application to move through the process smoothly and with limited risk, minimising costly delays.

With over 20 years experience town planning consultants, M-Plan has a proven approach in managing small to large scale development applications. From engagement, we work on the methodology of the design process, develop strategies and reports for assessment and guide you through an end-to-end solution.

Our expertise and knowledge as town planners ensure a comprehensive approach to statutory planning, strategic planning, and development.

We partner with various clients in both public and private sectors,  including the following –

  • Residential landholders
  • Architect and Building Designers
  • Commercial and Industrial Planning Applications
  • Volume Builders

Our offer includes –

  • Due diligence and pre-purchase advice
  • Project co-ordination services
  • Optimised planning solutions
  • Relevant detail in your initial planning submission
  • A dedicated effort to get a timely approval

Avoid Planning Delays

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Complete Planning Application Service

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Express Planning Reports

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Resolve Planning Delays

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Site Optimisation

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Increase the Profitability of your Development Site

An M-Plan an Independent Town Planning Report will increase the profitability of your development site.
  • Do you need an URGENT Site Report to go with your planning application? We guarantee turnaround time on reports.
  • Do you need an innovative solution for a challenging site? Our attention to detail and creative thinking provides effective outcomes to complex problems.
Our Guarantee –
  • Dedication – Our dedication us town planners means that we work closely with our clients to ensure their goals are at the forefront of all decisions.
  • Deadlines – We will do everything it takes to meet deadlines in an effective, timely, and efficient manner.
  • Quality – All of our reports are backed by detailed research and professionally presented to you.
  • Solutions – Creatively designed to optimise site profitability, our solutions minimise risk, reduce delays and processing times.

Note – We do not guarantee approval of your planning application.
M-Plan are confident that your application should be approved and will advise if any changes are required.

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